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My own healing journey and career as a filmmaker has led me to focus my full attention on building high quality transformative media that explores our true potential for optimal health. This is best accomplished by documenting stories of healing as they happen and offering viewers a full scope of additional knowledge available in well edited in-depth interviews, books, guides and resources that make applying this knowledge and getting results an attainable goal.

Reaching as many people as possible requires your help and if you’re in alignment with my mission to provide this required knowledge that fuels the movement of preventing and reversing chronic illness, I hope you’ll join us as an affiliate.

Watch the trailer and check out the details of our affiliate program and upcoming launch below.

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Gabe Golden

Director, Producer

Lighting the Path

Lighting The Path Official Trailer

These are the stories of those of us determined to find solutions to autoimmune disease and chronic Lyme disease and the rare physicians and scientists who helped Light The Path along the way.

Take the journey in the feature film and witness healing as it happens while we introduce numerous modalities for optimizing the body, and allowing it to heal the underlying causes.

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Affiliates receive 50% commission and are paid on any tracked sales for 90 days. Once you sign up as an affiliate you’ll receive copy and graphic options to easily incorporate as well as your own unique tracking link.

Thank you for helping to Light The Path for the millions facing chronic illness.

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We use Affiliate WP as our tracking software.

Our standard commission is 50% of sales though you may be offered 70% during certain launches where you are helping us acquire new conversion data. 

Yes, you must earn at least $40 in commissions

On the affiliate sign up form, please provide a valid PayPal email account or a physical address for us to mail commission checks. Payments are distributed at the beginning of each month and you will be paid for all tracked sales for 90 days after the launch date.  

Please email us at: [email protected]