Discover Your Power to Heal Autoimmune Disease, Lyme and Chronic Illness


Discover Your Power to Heal from the Most Painful and Debilitating Chronic Illnesses

Has mainstream medicine failed to bring you answers to your pain and symptoms?

Most doctors are only offering pills or injections with dangerous side effects and have a limited ability to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of your health challenge.

I was diagnosed as a child with autoimmune disease and spent decades of my life in exhausting pain and suffering that could have been avoided with the right knowledge.

Unfortunately 30+ years later, they are still treating these diseases with the same limited approach and even many of the same drugs! I believe a doctor should do more than represent the pharmaceutical companies. Don't you?

It's time to change what we expect from our physicians and become empowered with the knowledge to heal.

I created this film and series to bring you the solutions that brought me out of a dark and hopeless place to an incredible level of health.

Gabe Golden

Director, Producer

Lighting the Path

These are the stories of those of us determined to find solutions to autoimmune disease and chronic Lyme disease and the rare physicians and scientists who helped Light The Path along the way.

Take the journey in the feature film and witness healing as it happens while we introduce numerous modalities for optimizing the body, and allowing it to heal the underlying causes.


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7 Bonus Episodes!

  • Episode 1

    Nutrition, The Microbiome and Autoimmunity

    • How to achieve optimal digestive function, the value of microbiome testing and the biological explanation for systemic inflammation.
    • Why food is such an essential foundation to build your healing power.
    • The importance of healing the gut lining to prevent autoimmune processes that create a whole range of symptoms.
    • How environmental toxins actually cause inflammation and autoimmunity.
    • The most advanced research of how the microorganisms in our gut function and the latest testing that can guide us to optimize them.
  • Episode 2

    Biological Medicine, Frequency and Light

    • Discover how true healing requires a broad look at all systems of the body and the power of technology to optimize our biology.
    • Biological medicine is individualized whole person medicine and enhances what our human physiology is capable of doing.
    • How technologies such as PEMF or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and photobiomodulation can be used to enhance the energy output of the cells.
    • Why it's essential to use heart rate variability to measure the nervous system and how our modern world has contributed to biological stress that prevents healing.
  • Episode 3

    Healing the Nervous System

    • Explore why trauma and emotional stress influence the function of both sides of our nervous system and how achieving the proper balance can regulate immune function.
    • Many of the approaches for true healing are only able to be effective if our nervous system can relax into a parasympathetic state.
    • Extensive research has demonstrated that trauma, abuse, neglect and a variety of stresses directly correlate with a greater likelihood of illness.
    • Learn how Somatic Experiencing and mindfulness can unravel trapped emotions and energy allowing for a greater capacity for healing.
  • Episode 4

    The Science of Energy Healing

    • Studies are now proving what many ancient healers have known for centuries, that our state of mind can create extraordinary healing for ourselves and others.
    • Hear from scientists who are studying how thoughts and emotions can affect our biology.
    • Learn about the incredible boomerang effect of altruism, how doing for others can actually create measurable healing in ourselves.
    • How the placebo effect is evidence of the power of belief to create healing.
  • Episode 5

    Stories From The Path

    • Hear candid and honest discussions from those of us who have spent years on the healing journey and how our insights can help you take the shortest path back to health.
    • Learn how to prevent letting illness become your identity.
    • Gain insight into the reality of the journey and how not taking necessary steps can cost you years of suffering.
    • The importance of the right support system and community for healing not commiserating.
  • Episode 6

    Dr. Christine Schaffner, Essential Insights for Autoimmune and Lyme Disease

    • Discover the key diagnostics and labs for Lyme and Autoimmune disease.
    • What are the “interference fields” that are preventing natural healing?
    • The importance of oral health and it's direct relation to a variety of illnesses.
    • How the role of co-infections must also be addressed to maximize healing.
    • The most common and dangerous environmental toxins that can trigger autoimmunity and or limit healing in the body.
  • Episode 7

    Dr. Terry Wahls, The Wahls Protocol

    • Hear the remarkable healing journey of a medical doctor who sought out and discovered a protocol that allowed her to recover from debilitating multiple sclerosis.
    • How proper nutrition designed specifically for cellular health can give the body the energy to heal.
    • The additional techniques necessary to broadly address both the biological and emotional components for optimizing our healing potential.
    • The latest studies on “The Wahls Protocol” diet and the resources you can access for ongoing support in lifestyle transformation.